A Food Broker Company Experienced in the Food Industry

An Experienced Food Broker Company

ESP Sales is a small food broker company in Texas consisting of a team of professionals. With more than 230 years of collective experience, you know you are in good hands!

Our Team

Jim Sands,
Owner Partner

Jim Sands had been in retail grocery with Winn Dixie for 20 years. His last six years were being the Deli/Bakery Director.

For five years, he was the Coca-Cola regional account manager and another five years as CSM regional account manager at HEB. He also has five years of experience being vice president for sales at Premier Sales Solutions. For the last seven years, he is owner partner at ESP Sales.

Barry Roberts,
Owner Partner

Barry Roberts has 20 years of experience in retail grocery at Winn Dixie. During his last four years in the company, he was the district retail manager and Deli/Bakery director. For 13 years, he was CSM regional account manager and director of sales. He also had a one-year experience as sales director at Premier Sales Solutions. For the last seven years, he is an owner partner at ESP Sales.

Adam Wilks,
Account Manager at HEB

Adam Wilks has nine years of experience in culinary, catering, and foodservice. He also has six years of experience in a retail deli/bakery.

Nancy Zuniga,
Account Manager-Cake Category

Nancy Zuniga has five years of experience as cake decorator. She also has been a technical sales trainer at HEB for 14 years.

Ryan Hill,
Technical Sales Trainer

  • Ryan Hill has 13 years of experience in culinary, catering, and foodservice. For the past five years Ryan has worked retail deli/bakery.

Julie Zamudio, Technical Sales Trainer

Julie Zamudio has attended culinary art institute. She has a 10-year experience in cake decorating and baking and has worked in retail bakery.

Guillermo Rodriguez, Technical Sales Trainer

For 16 years, Guillermo Rodriguez has been in food and beverage management. He has experience in retail deli/bakery.

Travis Duncan,
Account Manager

Travis Duncan has 10 years of experience in foodservice catering. He also has six years of experience in business sales development and a 3-year experience in deli/bakery at ESP.

Dennis Bigas,
Technical Sales Trainer

Dennis Bigas has been in culinary food service for 10 years and has 6 years of experience in baking. He attended San Francisco’s baking institute and has an associate degree from Scottsdale culinary institute, Le Cordon Bleu. For the last two years, he has been the ESP lead bakery technician for Affiliated Foods.

Paula Graves,
Technical Sales Trainer

Paula Graves has 38 years of experience in the retail bakery business. More than half of that time, she worked as a lead cake decorator for multiple retailers. For the last two years, she has been the ESP lead decorator technician for Affiliated Foods.

Why Choose Us

Product Knowledge

Our team has extensive knowledge in the bakery, deli, and prepared foods categories. We have a vast portfolio of manufacturing partners that can supply or develop products in these categories for you.


Retail and Manufacturing Knowledge

We draw on our many years of experience in both retail and manufacturing. This allows us to facilitate better and streamline your business.

Vast Experience in Texas Retail Market

We are a Texas-founded company run by Texans for Texans. With our years of experience serving, selling, and supporting the local consumer, this positions our team to connect our retail, distributors, and manufacturing partners better.